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  • Project Grow

    • Border Valley School
      Winkler, Manitoba
    • Updated: January-19-12
      Connect Thrive Lead Live Care
  • Reclaiming Our Compost

    • Teulon Elementary School
      Teulon, Manitoba
    • Updated: January-16-12
      Connect Engage Live
  • It isn't Easy being Green

    • Dr. S.E.McDowell
      Shawville, Quebec
    • Updated: January-16-12
  • Grade Two Boogie Boards Saving Paper

    • St. Richard
      Edmonton, Alberta
    • Updated: January-16-12
  • Keeping fit!

    • Hazelridge School
      Hazelridge, Manitoba
    • Updated: January-16-12
  • Social Justice is in the Bag

    • Greenfield Elementary
      Sydney,N.S., Nova Scotia
    • Updated: January-16-12
  • Nature-Based Education through the Outdoor Classroom

    • École St. Eustache
      St. Eustache, Manitoba
    • Updated: January-12-12
      Connect Engage Thrive Lead Live Care
  • Seniors and Students Learning Together

    • Pope Memorial
      Bury, Quebec
    • Updated: December-19-11
  • All Because Of Caring Students

    • St. Anne Catholic Elementary School
      Hanmer, Ontario
    • Updated: December-09-11
      Connect Engage Lead
  • We can succeed

    • Maple Grove P.S.
      Barrie, Ontario
    • Updated: December-06-11
      Connect Thrive Live
  • Être fiers et proactifs !

    • École Père Edgar-T.-LeBlanc
      Grand-Barachois, New Brunswick
    • Updated: September-29-11
  • Holy Name of Mary Ecoschool Project

    • Holy Name of Mary
      Almonte , Ontario
    • Updated: August-17-11
  • Where We Fit in the World Village

    • Holy Cross Catholic Elementary School
      LaSalle, Ontario
    • Updated: August-17-11
      Connect Engage Thrive Lead Care
  • Greening our Courtyard

    • Bernard Elementary
      Chilliwack, British Columbia
    • Updated: July-04-11
  • Express Yourself!!!

    • Sullivan Community School
      Chatsworth, Ontario
    • Updated: July-04-11
      Connect Engage Thrive Lead
  • Butterfly Garden

    • St Gregory Catholic School
      Carleton Place, Ontario
    • Updated: June-30-11
  • Becoming Agents of Change

    • St. Paul Catholic School
      Kingston, Ontario
    • Updated: June-29-11
  • Projet d'action sociale

    • École Gérin-Lajoie
      Châteauguay, Quebec
    • Updated: June-28-11
  • GE Food Garden

    • Gleneagles Elementary
      West Vancouver, British Columbia
    • Updated: June-28-11
  • Social Justice Cafe

    • Silver Springs Public School
      Scarborough, Ontario
    • Updated: June-28-11
  • Winona Wildcats Runners Club

    • Winona Public School
      Winona, Ontario
    • Updated: June-27-11
  • Un jardin à l’école

    • École des Bâtisseurs
      Fredericton, New Brunswick
    • Updated: June-24-11
  • La résolution de problèmes

    • École Christine-Lespérance
      Winnipeg, Manitoba
    • Updated: June-14-11
      Connect Engage Thrive Lead
  • Honoring Our Elders

    • Onanole Elementary School
      Onanole, Manitoba
    • Updated: June-07-11
      Connect Engage Thrive Lead Live Care
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