Project Profile

Project Title:
Nature-Based Education through the Outdoor Classroom
School Name:
École St. Eustache
School board / First Nations school jurisdiction:
Prairie Rose School Division
Project Theme:
Grade Level:
Subject Areas:
St. Eustache
Community Partners:
We will try to involve the entire community:
1) Community Club and board
2) The Senior's Centre
3) The local municipality
4) The St. Eustache Church
4) Local businesses: Lamoureux construction & Bergeron Concrete, La caisse populaire, etc.
5) Healthy Child Program
6) Mini-franc Nursery School
7) Local Cultural Committee (Chemache)
8) Prairie Rose School Division

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Nature-Based Education through the Outdoor Classroom

We would like to offer our students opportunities to connect to nature (and with the elders of our community) in order to become engaged caring citizens. We believe that we can do this through the construction of an outdoor classroom that we would use during all four seasons. Through this nature-based approach to curriculum, children will learn about the core values of sustainable development demonstrating responsible decision-making that promotes a sustainable future. In addition, we have a high aboriginal and métis community, so this will also allow students to learn about their roots and heritage. Our project will be student-led therefore students will be involved in the goal setting, planning and development of the outdoor classroom and its programs.

Update (November-07-11)

Our four seasons classroom is in the process of nearing construction. One student named Diezel Dupont led this project as it was his dream to take learning outside in every season. Many other fundraisers were organized and private contributions were made to support the building costs.

We are nearing completion of the building and our Ribbon Cutting Ceremony will take place November 16th at 2:30 at École St. Eustache. Please see the photos posted on our school website:

If anyone from Imagineaction is available, you are welcome to attend the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on November 16th.


Nanette Ingram
École St. Eustache