Project Profile

Project Title:
Social Justice is in the Bag
School Name:
Greenfield Elementary
School board / First Nations school jurisdiction:
Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board
Project Theme:
Grade Level:
Subject Areas:
Nova Scotia
Community Partners:
Cape Breton County Economic Development Authority

Social Justice is in the Bag

Visual Art students will design a logo for the first Nova Scotia Holocaust Awareness week.Students must learn about one of the worst human rights atrocities of the 20th Century to make an effective logo.The winning design will be printed on a cotton bag and used at the first provincial Holocaust awareness week in-service. The group that prints the bags is a sheltered workshop for people suffering from mental illness. The bag will be a green, socially responsible, walking advertisement for social justice.

Update (April-05-11)

This project is designed to teach social responsibility on many levels. Students have to process what they have learned about the Holocaust in order to produce a successful design. They have to understand the purpose and function of a logo. They have to brainstorm several versions of their idea and refine their work. Their final copy has to be the best work they can perform and must be clear and concise. They have to learn what is and is not appropriate imagery for a bag, and the function of this object.

The bag is being produced by people suffering from mental illness and is creating meaningful employment for them

The bag is a reusable object and will be a walking advertisement for social justice long after the conference is completed.

Update (January-12-12)

$31.25 of unused money returned to Imagineaction. Invoice is attached to Final report.