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Keeping fit!
School Name:
Hazelridge School
School board / First Nations school jurisdiction:
Sunrise School Division
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Community Partners:
Hazelridge Sports Complex.

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Keeping fit!

We are a K-5 small school of 68 students, in a tiny village of Hazelridge Manitoba. We would like to share different ways to keep fit during the winter month. By incorportating the skills of skating into our noon hour recess on Fridays that would be one way we would help promote the physical fitness at our school and community. During this time we have Grade 4/5 students as leaders and parents involved with the program.
It's a community initative!
Throughout the winter we also will be including activities like snowshoeing and yoga activities. These do not have a cost, just the skating program.
Keeping fit!

Update (January-12-12)

Hazelridge students and community have been physically involved and having fun with incorporating the skills of skating into our noon hour recess on Fridays. Parents and students have enjoyed the program.
It's a community imitative of keeping physically fit together!