Keep the Promise

Welcome to the Keep the Promise National Student Summit space!

Classrooms across the country completed three activities on the issue of poverty in their communities in order to participate in a national student summit in Ottawa November 18-19, 2014.

  1. They held classroom discussions using the Poverty, What is it? Discussion Booklet. This exercise increased awareness and a deeper understanding of a complex societal issue.
  2. They looked for community statistics on the issue: population, unemployment, number of food banks and shelters. This exercise successfully sought out research skills and critical thinking.
  3. By now, students are bubbling with ideas to make a difference in their own communities, and make a difference they will!!

At the Student Summit, the culminating activities encouraged a sharing of community findings and ideas, leading to a consensus-building exercise to determine what student voices have to say on the issue of poverty in Canada and what questions they’d like to ask of policy makers. A public Town Hall was livestreamed and students had the opportunity to ask those questions to politicians, and to meet grassroots and national organizations working towards the cause of eliminating child poverty in Canada.

THANK YOU to the fifty-five students and thirty teachers who spent time, energy and commitment to the cause. BRAVO!!