The Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF) was associated with Keep The Promise, an anti-poverty initiative involving grades 5 to 8 classroom teachers across the country. We recognized that child poverty is a proven obstacle to educational success and a major threat to Canada’s socio-economic health. We recognized that there’s been insufficient progress in eliminating poverty. So now is the time for collaborative enquiry combining networks, expertise and advocacy.

Keep The Promise was an initiative involving teachers, schools and youth group leaders across Canada aimed at engaging children and youth, enabling them to express their experience and their vision for a Canada where all children have the food, education and housing they deserve.

Teachers and students were encouraged to develop a school-community social action project that addresses the issue of poverty in their community.

Teachers and students were encouraged to research their community statistics and populate an iMap . A supporting resource and lesson plans are available when logged in to Imagineaction.

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