Former PROJECT OVERSEAS participants

You’ve recently returned as a participant volunteer in Project Overseas (PO). All of your senses have been touched by the experience. Perhaps you’ve questioned your Canadian values living within the context of a beautiful, yet different and perhaps complex, developing country. You worked with a collective of dedicated teachers for three to four weeks this summer and accomplished something so profoundly professional and personal.

How can you share this transformational experience with your classroom students? How can you make them understand the vast diversity of our world by applying it to a local community context here in Canada?

If you have ideas, Imagineaction is pleased to offer small subsidies to offset expenses tied to a school-community social action project that your students can undertake during the course of this school year within their local community.

To access the subsidy application form, please login or register and continue on to "Apply for Initiative".

We hope to share your experience through student-led classroom projects that embrace passion and social justice at the local level.

For additional information, please contact [email protected]