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  • Stitching our way to compassion!

    • St. Mark School
      Markstay, Ontario
    • Updated: June-12-18
  • Sunshine Club

    • Sussex Elementary
      Sussex, New Brunswick
    • Updated: June-11-18
      Connect Engage Lead Live Care
  • Science is Wonderful!

    • Netagamiou
      Chevery, Quebec
    • Updated: June-07-18
      Connect Lead
  • Bas et panier de Noël

    • Saint-Vincent
      Laval, Quebec
    • Updated: June-05-18
      Connect Care
  • Sea the Right Whale

    • North and South Esk Regional High School
      Sunny Corner, New Brunswick
    • Updated: June-05-18
  • Caring Cards

    • School of Hope
      Vermilion, Alberta
    • Updated: May-29-18
      Connect Engage Thrive Lead
  • Claude Garton School Garden

    • Claude E. Garton
      Thunder Bay, Ontario
    • Updated: May-28-18
      Connect Engage Thrive Live Care
  • Healthy Lifestyle

    • Heroes' Memorial
      Cowansville, Quebec
    • Updated: May-14-18
  • Flags to represent our Land and People

    • Bruno Central School
      Bruno, Saskatchewan
    • Updated: January-29-18
      Connect Engage
  • Les bancs d'amitiés

    • Calixte-F.-Savoie
      Ste-Anne de Kent, New Brunswick
    • Updated: November-03-17
  • Earth table

    • Beaverlodge Elementary School
      Winnipeg, Manitoba
    • Updated: October-11-17
  • Project Happiness

    • Prince Street School
      Stratford, P.E.I
    • Updated: September-28-17
      Connect Thrive
  • ACTion (Arts, Culture, and Technology inspiring action)

    • St. Jean de Brebeuf
      Bradford, Ontario
    • Updated: July-10-17
  • Building Resilience at RES

    • Riverview East School
      Moncton, New Brunswick
    • Updated: June-30-17
  • Power To Change

    • Our Lady of Fatima
      Scarborough , Ontario
    • Updated: June-28-17
      Engage Lead Live Care
  • "Notre jardin communautaire!"

    • École Boréale
      Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador
    • Updated: June-27-17
      Engage Thrive Live
  • Chevery Children's Community Kitchen

    • Netagamiou
      Chevery, Quebec
    • Updated: June-27-17
      Engage Thrive Lead
  • Mindfulness: Learning to live in the moment

    • Beachy Cove Elementary
      Portugal Cove-St. Philip’s, Newfoundland and Labrador
    • Updated: June-23-17
      Connect Engage
  • Reaching Out

    • Lakewood Heights
      Saint John, New Brunswick
    • Updated: June-23-17
  • The Green Room/Wellness Framework

    • West Riverview Elementary
      Riverview, New Brunswick
    • Updated: June-19-17
  • Growing Healthy and Caring Hearts

    • St. Mary School
      Edmonton, Alberta
    • Updated: June-01-17
      Thrive Live Care
  • The Wonder-ful Trip

    • Newtown Elementary
      Mount Pearl, Newfoundland and Labrador
    • Updated: May-30-17
      Connect Engage Thrive Care
  • Community Kitchen for Kids

    • Cambridge-Narrows Community School
      Fredericton Junction, New Brunswick
    • Updated: May-30-17
      Connect Thrive Care
  • Fun for the Cure

    • Linwood School
      Winnipeg, Manitoba
    • Updated: May-30-17
      Thrive Lead
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