Project Profile

Project Title:
Stitching our way to compassion!
Imagineaction Social Action Projects
School Name:
St. Mark School
School board / First Nations school jurisdiction:
Sudbury Catholic District School Board
Project Theme:
  • Connect [relationships]
Grade Level:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Subject Areas:
The Arts, Guidance and Career Education, Social Sciences and Humanities
Community Partners:
St-Marc Parish: Lynda
Community Volunteer (quilt and stitching expert): Denise

Stitching our way to compassion!

"Stitching our way to compassion!" is a project that grew from our Growth Mindset project last year. Students learned how they can achieve anything when they adapted a growth mindset: to try hard and persist. This year, our project will continue with the growth mindset concept. Students will work together to create and stitch together a quilt with the help of a local volunteer. During the process, students will learn the importance of social justice through books read and videos shown in class. They will have the opportunity to discuss concepts and issues related to social justice in their community, in their country and issues from around the world. Once the quilt is completed, it will be donated to our local parish.

Update (May-14-18)

Students have been working hard on a weekly basis sewing square fabric together. We have completed the quilting component of the quilt and we are in the process of sewing the backing to the quilt.

Update (June-12-18)

Our students at St. Mark Catholic School have had the pleasure to learn how to sew on 2 different types of machines (hand powered and electric). They worked very hard and learned how many components, techniques and layers are needed to create a quilt. They have had the pleasure to donate this quilt to the St-Marc parish.

Update (June-12-18)

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