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  • Children of the World

    • Lougheed Middle School
      Brampton, Ontario
    • Updated: May-31-13
      Connect Engage Lead Care
  • Celebrating Togetherness

    • Corliss Public School
      Mississauga, Ontario
    • Updated: May-27-13
      Connect Thrive
  • Our (hi)Story

    • Kihew Asiniy Education Centre
      Saddle Lake, Alberta
    • Updated: May-14-13
  • Une boîte à dîner santé

    • Collège catholique Franco-Ouest
      Ottawa, Ontario
    • Updated: May-14-13
  • Défilé pour l'espoir

    • ÉSC Renaissance
      Aurora, Ontario
    • Updated: May-14-13
      Connect Engage Lead
  • Exhibition Peace Garden

    • St. Clement
      Edmonton, Alberta
    • Updated: May-14-13
      Connect Engage Live
  • Making and Keeping Friends

    • Springdale Elementary
      Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Quebec
    • Updated: May-10-13
  • Forum sur la pauvreté et l'engagement social

    • Centre scolaire-communautaire Samuel-de-Champlain
      Saint John, New Brunswick
    • Updated: May-09-13
  • REACT to Recycle

    • Bruno Central School
      Bruno, Saskatchewan
    • Updated: May-01-13
      Engage Lead Live
  • Il faut cultiver notre jardin

    • École secondaire catholique Saint-Frère-André
      Toronto, Ontario
    • Updated: April-25-13
      Thrive Live
  • Wolverine Greenhouse

    • Nelson McIntyre Collegiate
      Winnipeg, Manitoba
    • Updated: April-25-13
      Connect Engage Thrive Live
  • Peace comes from the fight for democracy.

    • Nanaimo District Senior Secondary
      Nanaimo, British Columbia
    • Updated: April-25-13
      Connect Engage
  • I Can Make a Difference

    • Cambridge-Narrows Community School
      Fredericton Junction, New Brunswick
    • Updated: April-10-13
      Connect Engage
  • Be Cool- Don't be Cruel- Anti Bullying day

    • Fieldcrest Elementary School
      Bradford, Ontario
    • Updated: March-25-13
      Connect Engage Thrive Lead
  • "Me to We...With Democracy!"

    • Oak Lake Community School
      Oak Lake, Manitoba
    • Updated: March-22-13
      Connect Engage Lead
  • Lead by action

    • Main River Academy
      Pollard's Point, Newfoundland and Labrador
    • Updated: March-22-13
      Engage Lead
  • Celebrating the Survivors

    • ÉSC Jean-Vanier
      Welland, Ontario
    • Updated: March-22-13
      Connect Thrive Lead
  • Mémoires d'éléphants

    • Sacré-Coeur
      Jonquière, Quebec
    • Updated: March-19-13
      Live Care
  • Concours Qui sait, gagne

    • École des adultes Le Carrefour
      Ottawa, Ontario
    • Updated: March-13-13
  • Furthering student knowledge of Canada's electoral system

    • Monsignor Fee Otterson
      Edmonton, Alberta
    • Updated: March-13-13
      Engage Lead
  • Bullying Campaign

    • Parry Sound High School
      Parry Sound, Ontario
    • Updated: March-06-13
  • Building Active Interest in Democracy via Student Video Blogs

    • Osgoode Township High School
      Metcalfe Village, Ontario
    • Updated: March-05-13
  • Mini We Day

    • Niton Central School
      Niton Junction, Alberta
    • Updated: February-27-13
      Connect Engage Thrive Lead Live Care
  • LEARN Democracy

    • Holy Heart High School
      St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador
    • Updated: February-26-13
      Connect Engage
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