Project Profile

Project Title:
Peace comes from the fight for democracy.
Discover your Democracy
School Name:
Nanaimo District Senior Secondary
School board / First Nations school jurisdiction:
School District No. 68 (Nanaimo-Ladysmith)
Project Theme:
  • Connect [relationships]
  • Engage [active & participatory citizenship]
Grade Level:
Subject Areas:
Social Sciences and Humanities
British Columbia
Community Partners:
Nanaimo Military Museum

Peace comes from the fight for democracy.

Today’s youth have difficulty making a connection to Canada’s fight for democracy during World War l and ll since these events are far from their current reality. This project allows students to creatively direct their learning of democracy, share their understanding with their school community, and make connections to those who fought for democracy. Many of today’s students question war, military engagement and Canada’s role. The goal of this project is to connect Canada’s involvement in war, past and present, with the fight for democratic freedoms.
History 12 students will create a visual, 3 dimensional display case (the case exists) in the foyer of the school demonstrating the link between Remembrance D ay and our nation`s role in WWl and ll and current military action with the democratic freedoms we have today.

Update (April-25-13)

The display case has project has taken on a life of its own since it was enhanced with a beautiful and yet simple back drop and flooring and a few inexpensive props (picture frames, cork board etc). The initial idea was for the History12 class to use this large display case to create a display representing WWl and WW2 as catalysts event for democracy and to extend this cause and effect relationship that democracy leads to peace. The display case was in three parts (see photos) the first on the left depicting war (a battle scene from WW2, helmet, flag, photos etc). The middle section reflected the aftermath of war (grave stone, photos of commonwealth grave yards in France and Belgium, the red poppies). The final segment symbolized peace as the sea of poppies turn white symbolizing peace, the white doves flying through the air and quotes of peace. The display goes from the messy and complicated to the simple and serine symbolic of the messy state of war in the early 20th C to the UN goal of ever lasting peace today.

Since the display case had its makeover, other groups in the school have used the display case to put forth their message. The Student Council and International Women’s Day, Global Action Committee and the ‘Vow of Silence’ a voice for children who can’t speak for themselves, Social Service Committee and the annual food drive to help local food banks, Environment Committee and the Earth Day, we can make a difference, Gay and Lesbian Alliance and Valentine’s Day, regardless of your sexual orientation everyone deserves love.

What once was an ‘eye sore’ display case has become a focal point in the school that everyone looks at to view the latest display reflecting our society and schools role in making the world a better place.