Speak Truth to Power Canada, Defenders for Human Rights

Twelve inspiring Canadian human rights defenders are the focus of a national resource being rolled out to teachers across the country. Speak Truth to Power Canada (STTP Canada) is designed to raise awareness of the importance of human rights and motivate students to become defenders themselves.

The Canadian defenders' compelling stories draw attention to the human rights issues all around us in Canada -- stories of violation, resilience, survival and hope -- adding relevance to lessons about human rights taught in Canadian classrooms.

The 12 profiled defenders are:

This multi-year initiative aims to engage K-12 teachers and students in a collective reflection on cooperation, respect, inclusion, acceptance, respect for diversity, responsibility and equity. Students will first identify with global and Canadian champions for human rights, thus enabling them to self-identify as Local Defenders for Human Rights within their own communities by identifying, planning and carrying out grassroots projects.

Imagineaction is offering teachers small social action project subsidies of $300 to enable student social action at the community level in the pursuit of human rights. Login or register to access.

To view some preliminary examples of Human Rights Social Action classroom projects, click on the following:

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