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Global Issues 621 Project Based Learning
School Name:
Morell Regional High School
School board / First Nations school jurisdiction:
Eastern School District
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Subject Areas:
Community Partners:
The following are a list of groups and organizations that our students have chosen to help.
Prince Edward Island Cancer Society
Anderson House
Kid Sport
Camp to Belong
The Salvation Army
PEI Humane Society
CAT Action Team
Morell High Student Council
World Vision

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Global Issues 621 Project Based Learning

Using Project-Based Learning, students have grouped themselves by their interests and have come up with their own individual plans to answer the driving question, "How can we make a positive difference in our world?". There are nine groups who have branched off into different areas of interest and their plans are to be created, completed and reflected upon by January 20, 2012. All groups must keep track of their project through an online wiki page, which can be found on the following web page under the 'Project Based Learning' heading:

Update (June-26-12)

The students in Mr. Kelly's Global Issues 621 course have been working hard all year long on their social action projects. The students were asked one simple question that had the potential to be answered in countless ways, "How can we make a positive difference in our world?" Over the course of this year students have been able to answer this question by helping a number of different charitable organizations.

Connor, Mark and Seth decided to help Kidsport PEI by organizing a sports equipment and penny drive in the school and surrounding communities. They made their donation to Kidsport PEI during an event they organized where members of a local radio station were invited to Morell High to play the Teacher All-Star team in a volleyball match where the entire school was invited to the gymnasium to watch.

Maddie and Jordan were able to help out the Anderson House, which is a safe house for abused women and children. These two students held a food and clothing drive, as well as selling tickets on a gift basket. The Anderson House was very grateful for these students' contributions.

Sam, Geoff, Chad and Zack boosted school spirit by hosting a "Formal Friday" where students were encouraged to wear their formal attire to school for the day. This group also revived a long standing tradition at Morell High that hadn't been held for many years, the 30-Hour Famine. These students organized a fun-filled overnight stay at the school where students raised money to send to Third World countries for hunger relief. They also invited in a guest speaker who spoke to students about his missionary work in the Congo and he really opened up their eyes as to why we need to work towards eliminating world hunger.

Animal lovers Kelsey, Avery, Bethany and Kaitlyn put their combined efforts towards helping the Prince Edward Island Humane Society. Through various fundraisers, these girls were able to sponsor a dog kennel at the Humane Society as well as go out to a local elementary school and deliver a "Doggone Safe Presentation", which is a seminar the Humane Society sponsors to educate the public on dog bite prevention.

Michaela and Leah put their pastry skills to the test and held a cake-auction at our school to raise funds for the CAT Action team, which is an organization that partners with the PEI Human Society to help control the feline population in our province.

John, Lucas and Luke decided to host a food drive within our school and surrounding com

Update (June-26-12)

While all of the projects that were completed for Global Issues 621's Project Based Learning were a huge success, the Pink Glove Campaign took the school, community and internet by storm. Inspired by a Morell High teacher who is currently fighting her own battle with Breast Cancer, and one of the student's aunts who passed away this Winter from Cancer, Rachael, Courtney and Alex-Sandrea decided to create a Pink Glove Dance involving the staff and students to raise money for the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

The girls were able to raise money for their cause with a t-shirt campaign, where all of the profits from over 300 shirts went a long way towards their fundraising efforts. Then it was time to dance. Filmed over the course of many months, the staff and students danced their way around the halls of Morell High and created the Morell High Pink Glove Dance, which was unveiled to the school and the internet on May 25, 2012. People from the surrounding communities were given a chance to make a small donation towards this cause in exchange for submitting a loved one's name who has succumbed to the disease, or those who are still currently in their own fight with Cancer. The support from the community for this was overwhelmingly positive.

This project has received a tremendous amount of positive feedback with different areas of the media giving their attention to this project. On May 26, 2012, Alex-Sandrea, Courtney, Rachael, Ryan (camera man and video editor) and Mr. Kelly delivered a check to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for $1584 at their annual telethon - marking the end of the project and also a very proud day for Morell Regional High School.