Profil du projet

Titre du projet :
Speaking Our Truth: Students Reconciliation Event
Initiative :
Projets d'action sociale Imagineaction
Nom de l’école :
Carton Comprehensive Public High School
Conseil scolaire / Administration scolaire des premières nations :
Saskatchewan Rivers School Division
Thèmes du projet :
  • Se lier [relations]
  • S’engager [citoyenneté active et participative]
Années d’études :
9, 10, 11, 12
Matières :
Études autochtones, Anglais, Sciences humaines et sociales
Ville :
Prince Albert
Province / territoire :
Partenaires communautaires :
Prince Albert Police Chief Troy Cooper
Metis Nation of Saskatchewan President Glenn McCullum
Prince Albert Indian & Metis Friendship Center (residential school survivors)
Principal or Vice-principal of our school: Dawn Kilmer or Dave Lokinger

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Speaking Our Truth: Students Reconciliation Event

Speaking Our Truth: A Journey of Reconciliation by Monique Gray Smith.
I have taken my students on a journey with Monique through her book. We have learned a lot about the history of Canada. We started off learning about The Seven Sacred Teachings, Honesty (truth about the history of Canada) Residential Schools, The Umbrella of Indigenous Resiliency (Royal Proclamation of 1763, The Indian Act, Northwest Rebellion, all the way to the Apology and the TRC report.
We are presently discussing reconciliation and how it effects us today. I am going to plan a Student Reconciliation Event. We will be inviting various people to attend our event such as: the chief of police, residential school survivors, Metis leaders, etc.

Mise à jour (16 février 2018)

Our Student reconciliation is over and was a huge success.