Imagineaction is a teacher platform with the goal of encouraging a student-driven social action movement designed to…

  • fit within current educational and societal contexts;
  • be a flexible framework that offers space and support for critical thinking, dialogue, collaboration, development, engagement, and action;
  • cultivate individual responsibility necessary for the growth of socially just citizenship through engagement with community working towards a sustainable future.

Imagineaction offers teachers…

  • Funding opportunities or other supports for school-community social action projects tied to the Imagineaction themes:
    • Connect [relationships]
    • Engage [active and participatory democracy]
    • Thrive [health and wellness]
    • Lead [leadership]
    • Live [environmental sustainability]
    • Care [poverty]
  • The ongoing development of a database of community partners ready to work with students and teachers on issues of community importance.
  • A professional development section for teachers including facilitation of the critical thinking process within the curriculum and the development and implementation of effective sustainable social action projects.
  • Featuring projects on an electronic showcase designed to promote and to share the good work being done in schools across the country.

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