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Treherne Elementary School’s Shaded Courtyard and Green Space
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Treherne Elementary School
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Canadian Teachers' Federation
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Treherne Elementary School’s Shaded Courtyard and Green Space

My Grade 3 and 4 class has accomplished a number of different tasks while completing our outdoor green space. Our tasks that we took on, alone, were the double outdoor recycling bins, the 3bin unit compost and bird houses. All of these products were bought locally. The rest of the school and some community volunteers helped us with planting trees, bushes, flowers and making stepping stones, using all natural resources. We bought benches, locally, for our South-East entrance to our school.
The Grade 7 and 8 girls painted our 2 lovely murals on their own. We had a combined 50th Anniversary celebration of our school and the opening of our Green Space. This included a BBQ, concert, with 50’s music and dance, and an art display. We showed off our environmental projects during this celebration and viewed a slideshow of all the students work done for our green space. Now, all we have to do is wait for the trees to grow and shade our school grounds.