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Project Title:
Keyworth Greening Project
School Name:
St. George Elementary (Keyworth School Age Program)
School board / First Nations school jurisdiction:
Canadian Teachers' Federation
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Keyworth Greening Project

Our goals include: creating an enticing, educational outdoor environment; creating more shade to reduce temperature and exposure to the sun; attracting wildlife; and educating the children about organic gardening, healthy eating, caring for the environment and demonstrating respect for nature’s flora and fauna.

Update (June-01-10)

Thanks to the explosion of spring this year, we’ve already had many wonderful flowers bursting from our gardens for several weeks now. We’ve also been very excited with the wildlife paying regular visits to our yard. The roses are in full bloom and very fragrant and children can often be found with their noses in the flowers

Update (June-01-10)

Along with our beautiful gardens comes lots of maintenance work, and the children have been eager helpers, topping them up with soil, weeding the planter boxes and flower gardens, and carting water back and forth for that twice-daily task. With the money we received from the Green Street Youth Leadership Challenge, we have been able to purchase new sturdy buckets, child-sized watering cans, garden spades and gloves, all of which makes these chores much easier and enjoyable!
Furthermore, funds provided have paid for a carpenter to put the final touches to our yard. He has constructed some stairs leading up to the garden shed and built a seating area for the children. This new grassy area created the setting for our mother bunny to create her warren and nurture her leverets. This was truly exciting.

Update (June-01-10)

The next phase of our Greening Project is to work with Canada Arts Council artist Nicole Belanger to create an outdoor mural highlighting our ‘Eden’ that we have created. Our garden will be further accentuated by the creation of a sparkling concrete path. We will be making the pathway using recycled materials such as broken dishes and scrap stained glass.