Project Profile

Project Title:
WE Care
Imagineaction Social Action Projects
School Name:
Gilbert Plains Collegiate
School board / First Nations school jurisdiction:
Mountain View School Division
Project Theme:
  • Connect [relationships]
  • Engage [active & participatory citizenship]
  • Thrive [health & wellness]
  • Lead [leadership]
  • Live [environmental sustainability]
Grade Level:
9, 10, 11, 12
Subject Areas:
Guidance and Career Education, Social Sciences and Humanities
Gilbert Plains
Community Partners:
Personal Care Home: 548-2161
Lisa Van Bargen

WE Care

Our students would like to team up with the Personal Care Home to plant a garden. This student initiated project would allow our students to connect with elderly within the community, promote healthy living, be active within the community, and learn about organic foods. The students would be responsible for purchasing the products, soil, etc., planting produce with the elderly, maintaining the garden, and harvesting at the end of the season. The students could then help to prepare food for the residents and continue to build relationships.

Update (June-26-14)

With the Gardening Program, I, Laura Brinkman, have partnered with the local care home, the Gilbert Plains Health Centre, in hopes that I could provide healthy living to the residents. This year, myself, five brave residents, and two activity directors, travelled to the "Way to Grow" greenhouse in Gilbert Plains, MB, where various flowers, herbs, and vegetables were purchased.

Update (June-26-14)

The Gardening Program began in 2013, and I hope for it to continue until I graduate in 2015. With this project, I, Laura Brinkman, teamed up with the local personal care home (part of the Gilbert Plains Health Centre) to provide healthy living to the residents.
This year myself, five brave residents, and two activity directors, traveled to the "Way to Grow" Greenhouse in Gilbert Plains, MB, where we purchased various vegetables, herbs, and flowers. I connected with the residents by sharing stories of what their "Ukrainian" gardens (meaning large, luscious, and filled with cabbage &onions) used to be like. From this experience I got ideas of vegetables to plant next year. By reading the receipts you will see the majority of the items purchased were flowers. This is because our vegetable gardens have unfortunately become flooded. However, we are finished planting, and enjoy smelling the flowers. We can't wait to harvest and enjoy the vegetables and herbs near the end of the summer.