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Food Bank Food Growth
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Ecole Whitehorse Elementary School
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Area 1 Schools
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Whitehorse Food Bank
Stephen Dunbar-Edge

Downtown Urban Garden Society (Whitehorse)

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Food Bank Food Growth

Our local Food Bank is in incredible demand. We will help our Food Bank by growing fresh food in our local community garden. We will grow from seeds our food, watch it grow, track its growth and nourish it to help feed needy people fresh produce in our community. We will be using an iPad app to track our learning.

Update (June-28-13)

In March, my students planted nasturtiums, broccoli and cauliflower seeds in our classroom. We had a grow stand built to help our seedlings grow healthy. Later in April, we planted lettuce. We were excited to watch them grow. We measured, predicted, watered and carefully cared for our growing plants. We communicated with out local foodbank to let them know we would be giving them the crops we have grown. We also communicated with the downtown community garden to acquire a garden plot.

Update (June-28-13)

Our growing season in the Yukon is mostly during July and August. Unfortunately, we won't as a class continue to see the growth of our crop. Many families, however, have signed up for a week of watering and harvesting. Yesterday, I brought our first crop, approximately 20 radishes, to the Whitehorse FoodBank. Soon, we will be harvesting more radishes and spinach to give away as well. Later, we will be giving carrots, lettuce, broccoli and cauliflower.

At the end of the school year, as we reflected on our year of learning together, many students mentioned this project as a favorite learning experience. We enjoyed seeing our efforts grow into something and know that we will be helping others by giving them fresh food. It is a win-win project for everyone. One to be repeated in the future!