Profil du projet

Titre du projet :
Freedom of Expression, Freedom from Limits
Initiative :
Parler vrai au pouvoir Canada, À la défense des droits de la personne
Nom de l’école :
Oromocto High School
Conseil scolaire / Administration scolaire des premières nations :
School District 17
Thèmes du projet :
  • Se lier [relations]
  • S’engager [citoyenneté active et participative]
  • Se développer [santé et bienêtre]
  • Diriger [leadership]
Années d’études :
Matières :
Ville :
Province / territoire :
Partenaires communautaires :
Oromocto Post-Gazette

Freedom of Expression, Freedom from Limits

Using the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, specifically Article 19, we will create a display of artwork, music, writing and photos that show how my students want to be seen. They will be encouraged to express themselves in an appropriate, but honest way - letting their peers and the outside community see them as they truly wish to be seen - free from stereotypes, expectations and limits. This is a chance for my students to show the world who they really are - their own personal definition of Freedom of expression. This display would be shown on the televisions within the school and would also be shared with outside groups.

Mise à jour (15 octobre 2012)

This project was a huge success. To see my students work to find a way to express themselves in an artistic way, with little dialogue. There was a sense of safety, as there was no identifying features in the artwork or video.