Project Profile

Project Title:
For Teens, By Teens
School Name:
Lougheed Middle School
School board / First Nations school jurisdiction:
Peel District School Board
Project Theme:
Grade Level:
Subject Areas:
Community Partners:
The students at Turner Fenton will partner with Lougheed Middle School, by conducting focus group sessions with the elementary school students, and engage in initiatives like online tutoring etc.

For Teens, By Teens

Teens from Turner Fenton Secondary School will design a website for teens by teens. The purpose of the website it to provide opportunities for youth to engage with their community, and to support one another, through tutoring, volunteer opportunities/community action, employment, etc

Update (March-15-13)

The bare bones of the website has been completed. The website can be viewed at .The next phase before launching the site is to recruit volunteers for the online tutoring, and make those who may need tutoring aware of the online opportunity as this will become one of the main things to drive the site.

As well, a launch for the site is to be planned for mid to late April.

Update (March-26-13)

Website for youth by youth.

Update (May-20-13)

The 4 teens by teens website has been created as previously updated. At present there are some technical issues with regards to the online tutoring component which we are looking into ways of overcoming.

For the Spring trial of the online tutoring - the high school students would support the middle school students who stay after school for Counting on You (a remedial program for Math and Language Arts). The hope would be to give some students more targeted support with the online tutors.

At present, our board blocks all online chat tools redering google, skype and microsoft solutions impossible to execute.

However, upon consultation with one of our board tech people, next school year's microsoft 365 will support this. I am hoping to find another solution before the end of this month to at least run a trial of the online tutoring.

Aside from that, there are many great resources now on the site to support teens, and a small group of teens managing the site - posting events etc. However, without the site being formerly launched the activity isn't happening. The online tutoring was a big part of the site, and without it, the launch of the site did not seem to be right.

Funds will be spent to formerly launch the site come September. The teens are meeting to look at interesting ways to launch the site to teens, community service providers, teachers etc. with the Peel District School board.

Update (May-27-13)

The website has been constructed and is still being moulded into something great before the launch.

The 4 teens by teens website is intended to be a one stop hub of support for teens. Out of it some great ideas have emerged. The online tutoring proved difficult and next school year, students involved in this project are looking to run a soccer and reading/tutoring program with students in grade 1-5.

As well, events from youth are limited in Brampton. They plan to hold a launch for the website in the fall, and have events for Black History Month, March 21st and Asian Heritage Month. Due to the passing of a young person from Leukaemia this year - they plan to have a percentage of money from events go towards that.

As well, an idea they have for next year, also tied to the loss of this young person is to do an annual walk/run to raise funds for families dealing with chronically ill young people - to help pay for parking costs etc - incidentals we dont think about, but that add up.