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Project Title:
I'm a Digital Citizen
School Name:
Beachy Cove Elementary
School board / First Nations school jurisdiction:
Eastern School District
Project Theme:
Grade Level:
Subject Areas:
Portugal Cove-St. Philip’s
Newfoundland and Labrador
Community Partners:
Our main partner is Ian Foster, a professional musician and recording artist.
The Town of Portugal Cove St. Philips will be providing some locations for filming our video (Mayor Bill Fagan)

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I'm a Digital Citizen

This proposal was written by grade six students CL & MM & JH.

We are proposing a project about Digital Citizenship to help kids and adults have a safety guide when they are on the internet. For this very important project we will be writing a song and making a music video. In the lyrics we will talk about the responsibility students have as Digital Citizens and how they can protect themselves when online. The video will help us show people how to behave, what things they can safely post and the places they should avoid on the internet.
Since this video will use a Rap and Hip Hop track and have a lot of cool images, people will want to view our message. We plan to post it on YouTube so that it can be watched across the world. Another benefit about this project is it will help decrease cyber-bullying because students will be learning to conduct themselves appropriately when online.
Although technology devices are a great learning experience and can be a lot of fun at the same time, children need to know that there are dangers on the Internet and that they need to be careful. As students watch our music video they can sing along and remember the lyrics. When they are on the Internet, our song will help them remember their responsibilities to be careful and respectful.

Update (April 27, 2013)

Since receiving confirmation of funding, students have chosen the Classified song "My Inner Ninja" and re-written the lyrics to create "My Network Ninja" and reflect the themes that we proposed in our initial request. We've allocated rap parts to several students and rehearsed the song regularly and as part of homework. Mr. Foster has given us a track of the song to which we rehearse and he will record it with us on April 29th.

The lyrics are below:


I read the rules and I enforced em
I shared the links of those who helped me out
And I pay close attention to the dangers out there.
I learned on the info road you’ve got to drive with care

Hey yo, I know you’ve never heard this before
but the information that you own is yours
And I ain’t sharing material or clicking for it
I’m just playing on a network with hackers galore
Don’t be posting pictures that’s so uninformed
And change your password often so they can’t get more.
I make good decisions, clear the forms,
No chance, no risk, Protect your disk

I know that there are people counting on me
They’re direct, I got to keep their respect
Responsibility my friend, means I’m techno-correct.

It ain’t that I am perfect, I expect.
No I make some giant mistakes,
But I share them with adults before they’re headaches
Don’t need no mystery, I keep my history
What you are witness’in, is truth, a Citizen

I seen bad pop-ups but I closed ‘em
I had a virus but I locked it out
And I pay close attention
Really learn the code
I have a 5 star license for the Virtual road.

Nobody’s gonna see me lurking
Nobody’s gonna say I fail
It matters that I keep on trying
To blaze my digital trail.

My network ninja.

I've been online, I’ve been alone
Some real nasty emails have a tone
So many put downs
By all those clowns
We all got respect and we know- oh

Messages with no respect
Trashing Internet peace
Emailing all my friends, Get the topic to increase
When bad words are on my wall I don't freeze up
I just click log out and I re-up

Don't be mean
Cyber bullies are the meanest not the wisest and I realized that its wrong
Never ever give up cuz the sun always rises
But I got to find a way to stay strong,

It's a real bad feeling that you get in your heart
When somebody tells you that you’re really not smart
And you're cryin' not that you're tryin'
found a text that's really mean delete the screen.

I've had rough emails but I deleted them
I've had bad bullies but I told them off
I have seen the meanest things
I've read the baddest words
Ain't no bully I've faced that's been too much for me

Nobody should be copying
Nobody should copy and paste
No matter what I’m trying
Stealing info is such a waste

I’ll never take a writer’s work
And pretend I said it
Each creator on the web
Deserves to get credit

My network ninja (x4)

Man, That was right sick bah,
Whatt-ya think?
Are you like a network ninja?
I don’t even have a computer, but I found…
My network ninja

Update (June 19, 2013)

The complete Network Ninja project is finished.