Project Profile

Project Title:
Fostering relationships with our elderly within the community
School Name:
École Howden
School board / First Nations school jurisdiction:
Louis Riel School Division
Project Theme:
Grade Level:
Subject Areas:
Community Partners:
Windsor Park Place - Assisted living for residence

Fostering relationships with our elderly within the community

Students from grades 5 and 6 will do monthly visits to Windsor Park Place, an assisted living residence. Students will have the opportunity to interact with the elderly throught a variety of activities occurring throughout the year. These activities include: bingo, crafts, sing-a-longs, interviews with questions pertaining to the elderly lifestyle when they were young, poetry, board games, technology, etc.

Update (June-15-12)

Mago, le magicien, performs for 24 seniors and 26 students at the Windsor Park Place senior's residence in May. The entertainment and festivities were enjoyed by all. Here, Mago is demonstrating Pinochio's growing nose as he shares some lies with the participants.

Update (June-28-12)

On a cold day in February, the elderly warmed up to a game of Bingo that the students had organized for them. The elderly were very touched that students made themselves available to call out the numbers and also help them find these numbers on their Bingo cards. Students had an opportunity to see how small gestures can go a long way when helping others. Great fun was had by all!

Update (June-28-12)

Students celebrated the Winter holidays with the elderly by participating in a sing along. An elderly lady did an exquisite job playing the piano for this sing along. Many big smiles were seen during this event! The elderly were so grateful to have children sing with them.

Update (June-28-12)

In this picture you can witness one of many good conversations between the students and the seniors. Through these conversations, students learned so much about the seniors way of life when they were younger. The elderly were also amazed to learn how technology is now such an important part of the students everyday life.