Project Profile

Project Title:
SANE: Students Advocating Non-Violence Everywhere
School Name:
Collingwood Collegiate
School board / First Nations school jurisdiction:
Simcoe County District School Board
Project Theme:
Grade Level:
Subject Areas:
Community Partners:
Potential Community Contacts not yet contacted:
Ontario Provincial Police
Community Services of Simcoe County
Collingwood, Ontario - non-government charities

SANE: Students Advocating Non-Violence Everywhere

We are a two-year-old committee trying to lead the way in our rural school by promoting non-violence, inclusion and acceptance. Our committee takes a broad perspective on the issues of inclusivity, the right to safety and acceptance. We have focused on issues that involve discrimination and violence due to bullying, racism, sexual orientation and gender. To date our student-led committee has conducted a school-wide survey on student perceptions of safety and tolerance in the school. We have completed some fundraising, promotions for key days of inclusivity, and we have attended board-run workshops related to acceptance and diversity as identified by the Gay/Straight alliance. We are hoping in the next school year to branch out further, beyond the school community to complete the following:

•liaise with community services and associations that support victims of violence, prejudice or intolerance in the form of workshops or speakers
•to fund raise to support community services for victims of violence
•to reach out further to the community by establishing a community/parent member on our committee as established under the Ontario Safe Schools Act
•to create student generated public service announcements (video) and media (posters/brochures) to disseminate within our school community
•to liaise with community safety professionals (police) to address and nurture safety and promote non-violence within the youth community in the form of workshops or speakers
•to promote awareness of our committee’s initiatives within our town

Update (December-15-11)

S.A.N.E is a two-year-old student run committee at Collingwood Collegiate Institute. Our focus is on promoting acceptance and inclusion with a particular attention to school safety and anti-bullying. One of our projects for the 2011-2012 school year is to connect with community services or associations that support victims of violence. So far, S.A.N.E. and the students of Collingwood Collegiate Institute have run a very successful “Household Item Fundraiser” for My Friend’s House, a shelter for women and children in our community who are victims of violence. Through a “home form challenge”, supported by Imagineaction initiatives, we have raised over $800.00 in household items that are needed in the shelter. The $800.00 saved through our fundraiser represents the cost of accommodating and counseling one victim of violence for 6 days. So far, it has been a great experience to reach out to our community, and we have more projects planned for semester two.

Update (June-30-12)

February-March 2012

In February 2012, S.A.N.E. had the privilege of working with the H.O.P.E. Theatre Group organized by a fourth year social work student at Ryerson University who was completing her practicum at the Aids Committee of Simcoe County.

H.O.P.E. was created, designed, and produced by youth for youth to address the need for outreach in the areas of HIV/AIDS and STI prevention, homophobia, transphobia, violence, and many other issues that youth face. The overall goal of H.O.P.E. is to educate youth regarding harm reduction and health promotion strategies.

Three Members of S.A.N.E., pictured here, conveyed these messages by developing skits surrounding a variety of controversial topics. In collaboration with the Ryerson student, also pictured here, S.A.N.E created three scripts that they hope to produce in the fall of 2012.

Update (June-30-12)

June 2012

In early June, 2012, S.A.N.E., with support from Imagineaction, sponsored a field trip for 65 student leaders from Collingwood Collegiate to view a private screening of the documentary Bully. Student leaders were selected from a variety of student clubs and committees within the school. The purpose was to spark an honest discussion about bullying in society and within our school. Students, teachers, educational assistants and parents met at the local Galaxy Theatre.

Following the viewing, participating students were invited to a “debriefing” lunch where S.A.N.E. asked students to brainstorm ways in which we can address bullying in our school. The meeting was very productive. Students were moved and angered by the film, and they felt positive about addressing issues within our own school.

Working in groups, students made notes on how they felt about the film, and to what extent they believed our school was bully-free. We asked students how we can best provide a safe and inclusive environment at CCI. Student responses were noted and these notes will help us establish a direction for September 2012, when we hope to show the film to all students and staff.

The pictures included show our brainstorming session held in the music room at CCI.