Project Profile

Project Title:
Education for the Future: Pines Conservation Park
School Name:
Cambridge-Narrows Community School
School board / First Nations school jurisdiction:
School District 17
Project Theme:
Grade Level:
Subject Areas:
New Brunswick
Community Partners:
Village of Cambridge-Narrows
Staff of the Irving Nature Park

Education for the Future: Pines Conservation Park

There is a need in the community for increased awareness of the importance of the varied habitat at the local nature park and the importance in maintaining it. Cambridge-Narrows students will visit local parks and learn about New Brunswick ecosystems and conservation efforts. They will take photos and write up information learned to create a display to educate visitors to our local park. This display will be available for viewing at the park in time for the annual "Life at the Lakes" Community celebration.

Update (June-02-13)

C-NCS grade 6,7 and 8 students visited the Irving Nature Park on May 27th 2013 to learn more about the natural fauna and geological formations in the park. Native trees of New Brunswick, the "Acadian Forest" were identified, and signage was studied to see how information was presented in that park.

Update (June-06-13)

Students are awaiting a visit from the Federal Forestry Department who will assist them to plant 20 Acadian Forest trees on the school grounds.

Update (June-24-13)

Students spent time learning to identify the different species of trees in the Acadian Forest. They then chose a tree to research and found out about the trees, creating information sheets about the trees, and the role that the trees play in the economy and the ecology of where they are found. They wrote up information sheets for their chosen trees.

They then went looking for examples of the trees. They took photos of the trees, the bark, leaves and the whole tree.

The class then created presentation boards to present this information. This information about the Acadian Forest will be on display in the Pines Conservation Park in the summer, and used by classes visiting the park in the future.

The Acadian Forest is of great historical significance in the region and the students were happy to be able to learn about the native trees of the region and present information to help others learn about them.

In future they will be planting examples of the trees on the school grounds.