Project Profile

Project Title:
Leadership Projects
Literacy in Action - Listen, I Read
School Name:
G.C. Huston Public School
School board / First Nations school jurisdiction:
Bluewater District School Board
Project Theme:
  • Lead [leadership]
Grade Level:
5, 6
Subject Areas:
The Arts, English, Science
Community Partners:
Bruce County Museum Nancy White - we are hoping to have the projects on display at the museum when completed.

Leadership Projects

BOOK: Airborn
AUTHOR: Kenneth Oppel

Students in my class will be working on leadership projects where they need to commit to change the world in some way. Their projects range from making a difference at school (anti-bullying campaigns) to the town (a commitment to pick up litter) to the larger world (raising money to protect endangered species). This will connect nicely with the leadership them in the book.

Update (June-25-13)

Conversation with Kenneth Oppel - author of Airborn

On Tuesday, May 28, we were fortunate to have a conversation over Skype with Kenneth Oppel. My students had many questions for him - content questions and the writing process that he uses to create his stories.

He was very easy to talk to and answered each and every question thoroughly. My students were very excited about using Skype and talking to an author of a book that they really enjoyed.