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Project Title:
Family Traditions
School Name:
Holy Name of Mary
School board / First Nations school jurisdiction:
Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario
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Community Partners:
Almonte Knitting Guild, Fairview Manor and Almonte General Hospital

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Family Traditions

As a class we have noticed that we are more technological savvy than our parents. We are more practiced in talking to others on the computer and through other technological means. We have lost the face to face contact that used to happen. Television has begun to air ‘Reality TV’ to mirror this missing connection in our lives. We know that personal connections used to happen in community squares, town centres, in intergenerational houses and in family gatherings. Quilting bees for example, were a method by which stories were told and then represented by the quilters in their work. We proposed to explore this method of communication by working together to knit lap blankets and donate them to the local hospital and the Long Term Care Facility. In addition, we are proposing to record our own family traditions to share with the residences in the form of a 'published' book

Update (March-02-11)

We have begun the knitting process. It is interesting to see the older adults coming into the classroom. Some of the students own grandparents are coming in and volunteering their time to knit with groups of boys. I am most surprised about the students own families response to the project. Many parents have called saying thanks for reminding us of traditions that we have let slip over time and in between sport practices. It's neat to see the pre-teens reconnecting with their family generations.

Mrs. Reid

Student entry:

I did not want to knit and told my mom about the knitting. She said I should call grandma. I did. Grandma came over on the snow day to watch me and my sister. She helped me learn to knit. She is coming over this week to show me some sweaters she knit a while a ago. It's kinda neat to spend this time with Grandma. We have a quilt square that we both knit together. I'm almost finished now. Grandma is coming to the school too to help my friends knit at lunch hour.

Grade 6 Male

Update (January-13-12)

June 2011

We completed our project successfully! Thanks to the partners that sewed together our quilt pieces. On June 13th we presented 17 lap quilts to Almonte Manor residences. They enjoyed our visit and were over joyed at the gifts. They might not be used in June; but we were reassured that they would come in handy on cooler days as residences enjoy the outdoors.

The students saw the appreciation in the seniors eyes and the staff were impressed with the students interactions with the residents. I was proud of the students and their efforts in seeing this project to completion.