Profil du projet

Titre du projet :
Jr PC Players
Initiative :
Projets d'action sociale Imagineaction
Nom de l’école :
Pierrefonds Comprehensive High School
Conseil scolaire / Administration scolaire des premières nations :
Lester B. Pearson School Board
Thèmes du projet :
  • Se lier [relations]
  • S’engager [citoyenneté active et participative]
  • Diriger [leadership]
Années d’études :
5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
Matières :
Éducation artistique
Ville :
Province / territoire :
Partenaires communautaires :
Patricia Aldred, Spiritual Animator.
Sunshine Academy
Beechwood Elementary

Jr PC Players

The extra curricular group, the PC Players, will go to two different schools to work with them on acting and stage presence. They will teach them choreography for two different dances. The elementary students will be part of the culminating show. The students will take part in 5 workshops as well as two shows.

Mise à jour (23 mai 2018)

The first year of the Jr PC Players was an amazing success! 24 kids from two different elementary school participated in the program. There were 37 students in the main PC Players, for a total of 61 performers!

The students were able to foster connections between the two schools. The High School students were able to be role models for the Jr Players, both as performers as well as students.