Project Profile

Project Title:
Foire de santé mentale
Imagineaction Social Action Projects
School Name:
École John Stubbs Memorial School
School board / First Nations school jurisdiction:
Sooke School District No. 62
Project Theme:
  • Connect [relationships]
  • Engage [active & participatory citizenship]
  • Thrive [health & wellness]
  • Lead [leadership]
Grade Level:
6, 7, 8
Subject Areas:
French as a Second Language, Health and Physical Education
British Columbia
Community Partners:
On est encore en train de les contacter. Notre conseiller d'école va nous aider aussi. On aura peut-être besoin de chercher en dehors de notre communauté pour trouver des présentations en français.

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Foire de santé mentale

Les élèves veulent organiser une journée d'éducation et de sensibilisation à la santé mentale pour notre école. Ils veulent inviter des groupes de la communauté à présenter et ils aimeraient aussi que les parents participent si possible. Ils voient que les familles ont besoin de plus d'éducation quant à la santé mentale.

Update (July-09-18)

On March 5, we had 8 guest speakers with us for the day. They presented 35 minute workshops to our 8 classes and the classes rotated through each session throughout the day. Sessions included: yoga, mindfulness, meditation, a presenter from the iMinds program development team, a presentation on growth mindset, a young speaker who shared her journey through BPD, GAD and depression, First Nations Drumming and smudging (Role Model presentation) and a colouring meditation session.

Update (July-09-18)

As a result of the Mental Health day, our learning support room has been re-arranged to include mindfulness and meditation areas for students to use. We also have a stress/anxiety management student club that meets weekly at lunch and does yoga and other mindfulness activities. Several students, who initially complained about doing yoga on the mental health day, found that it had an immediate effect on their state of mind and have subsequently joined the lunch hour group.