Profil du projet

Titre du projet :
Chevery Children's Community Kitchen
Initiative :
Projets d'action sociale Imagineaction
Nom de l’école :
Conseil scolaire / Administration scolaire des premières nations :
Commission scolaire du Littoral
Thèmes du projet :
  • S’engager [citoyenneté active et participative]
  • Se développer [santé et bienêtre]
  • Diriger [leadership]
Années d’études :
M, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Matières :
Études autochtones, Anglais, Éducation physique et santé, Mathématiques, Sciences humaines et sociales
Ville :
Province / territoire :
Partenaires communautaires :
Netagamiou Community Learning Centre

Chevery Children's Community Kitchen

The Netagamiou Elementary students have been involved in many projects over the last few years involving seniors and other aspects of our community. The elementary class is comprised of 9 students from Kindergarten to Grade 6. We have been studying the Algonquians and other native tribes in the 1500's. We have also contacted the regional Montagnais tribe in La Romaine to help us complete a Kairos Blanket exercise to help the students understand the hardships of the residential school and also the natives loss of their land. In this project we want to research the native diet and reproduce it in our community kitchen along with other healthy alternatives to some of the less healthy foods that they are eating now.

Mise à jour (6 juin 2017)

The project was a success. We created 12 different meals and shared them with all the staff and students in a special school- wide support. We entered the OSEntreprendre contest and won locally and regionally for our project. We are entered for the provincial as well and will find out soon. The children learned many things about cooking and nutrition.