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Project Title:
"Cool to be Kind" - Acts of Kindness
Imagineaction Social Action Projects
School Name:
School board / First Nations school jurisdiction:
Prairie Spirit School Division No. 206
Project Theme:
  • Connect [relationships]
  • Engage [active & participatory citizenship]
Grade Level:
Subject Areas:
Social Sciences and Humanities
Community Partners:
Central Haven - Monica Henderson

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"Cool to be Kind" - Acts of Kindness

Discovering and understanding what it means to be an active citizen is an important aspect of the education process for young students. Though there are many viable options to participate in to demonstrate the value and the necessity to be an active citizen, the classroom is a limited venue to actively participate in activities that demonstrate those skills. Within our classroom, we began exploring the program of random acts of kindness, and its impact on each other and those around us. We have expanded our practical experience outside of the classroom, through helping in the school and in our immediate community through a variety of methods. However, this is not enough to demonstrate the full value of volunteerism and community involvement. It is necessary to show that the impact an individual can make is not limited to just their immediate surroundings, but can impact the surrounding communities, and on scales ranging from provincially, to nationally, and in some cases, worldwide impacts. These sort of programs are limited not by the students, but only by the restrictions we place on them through not providing them with the necessary resources and guidance for them to make an impact on the scale of their choosing. Providing them with the knowledge and the skills is just the first step for teaching students about being an active citizen; the second step is providing them with the tools to actually use those lessons to make an impact.

Update (May-12-16)

December 4 - Travelled to Saskatoon and volunteered at the Central Haven Special Care Home. We helped residents make Christmas cards, build puzzles, play games, and visited. We served cookies and juice.

December 9 - We hosted a Senior Tea at the school for the Seniors of Hepburn. We provided snacks, drinks, and entertainment for the Seniors.

March 21-24 - The Grade 8s sponsored a school wide Random Acts of Kindness Week. We had students fill out a card every time the performed a Random Act and posted them outside their classrooms so that the whole school could celebrate. At the end of the week, each card was entered in the bucket to win an Easter basket. In addition on Thursday, the grade 8s served every student in grades K-6 an Easter cookie and grades 7-12 a float to celebrate kindness.

During this whole school year, the grade 8s have focussed on Acts of Kindness to each other, the school, the community, the region, our country, and our World.

Update (May-25-16)

On June 8, the grade 8s in conjunction with the SRC are having a Hamburger Sale fundraiser with all profits going to the Fort Mc Murray disaster. Donations will be sent to the Red Cross. This is a fundraiser not only for the students of Hepburn school, but also the whole community. Students will be BBQ hamburgers and assembling the meal deals.