Project Profile

Project Title:
Creating Peace
School Name:
Lincoln Alexander Elementary School
School board / First Nations school jurisdiction:
Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board
Project Theme:
Grade Level:
Subject Areas:
Community Partners:
We will partner with a local seniors home as well as a community service organization that will help distribute the blankets. Specific connections will be made if we are successful in receiving the funding to carry out the activities.

Creating Peace

The grade 3 students have been exploring ways children can make a difference in the lives of others both locally and globally. We have been referring to this as the ability to create peace. A few of the texts we have read include Peace Begins with Me, Lily and the Paper Man and Lesson From a Street Kid. Adding to this book collection will enrich our unit. The students have also created a chart listing over 100 ways to create peace. Although the unit is ending we would like to continue thinking about and creating peace throughout the year and document this journey with the help of The Director’s Cut. Some ideas we have are to clean up the schoolyard and neighbouring park, make greeting cards and give them to isolated/alone seniors and make blankets for people that need some warmth. Some of the kids are eager to help animals as well. Further, we are still working on an idea that will help others globally.

Update (June-20-13)

The theme of creating peace by helping others has been flourishing in our classroom this year. Students have fulfilled many of their ideas to create peace inside and outside of our school. The students energetically cleaned up the school yard to make it a better place for all of us. During the holiday season students made beautiful greeting cards for the seniors at Grace Villa Long Term Care Home. We have acquired several new read aloud picture books to help us think about the world around us and the many ways we can have a positive impact. The titles include Somewhere Today: A Book of Peace, The Teddy Bear and Those Shoes. We are currently in the midst of making our blankets which will provide warmth and comfort to community members in need and we are also working on a special project to help a nearby animal shelter. Stay tuned!

Update (June-30-13)

Many of the students were interested in creating peace by helping those who don’t have a voice to help themselves – animals. We ended the school year by having a visit from our local SPCA. The students learned practical information like how to be safe around animals and how to care for pets. Further they learned about the difference they could make through organizations like the SPCA. Some students had already experienced their Critter Camps and Junior Humane Program and those who hadn’t were eager to learn more. We surprised our visitor with a donation of bags of homemade organic dog cookies made by the students. What a fantastic way to end the year! By fulfilling their goals of creating peace in variety of ways over the year the grade 3 boys and girls have learned that it is possible to make a difference at any age.

Update (October-20-13)

This year in room 6 we are continuing to cultivate peace and expand our community by making global connections. With our new webcam we are able to Skype with others both near and far. We are participating in Global Read Aloud 2013 and we are also enjoying Mystery Skype connections. To assist with these endeavours we also purchased colour maps of Canada, the USA and the world. The excitement and engagement has been outstanding. These tools will serve us throughout the year and for classes to come as we to create peace by deepening our understanding of ourselves and others.