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Student Voices: Sing, dance, act, paint, or drum it out …. a TAS Community Exchange
School Name:
Thomas A Stewart SS
School board / First Nations school jurisdiction:
Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board
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Community Partners:
Brian Nichols is a Psychologist and expressive art therapist. He is a supervisor of a group of 7 therapists, that meet once a month and work using expressive art therapy modalities. Brian will be facilitating our first 4 sessions, and then we will meet and make any changes that we think we need to meet the goals of helping the school adjust to all the recent changes. We will continue throughout the year every other week.
I also have the support of Peterborough Aids Resource Network, the Rainbow Youth Aliance, who support our LGBT youth. This has been one of the school populations that the amalgamation has impacted the most Their former school, PCVS , was seen as a inclusive and safe school for them. Many of these students are finding this change difficult.

Student Voices: Sing, dance, act, paint, or drum it out …. a TAS Community Exchange

Student Voices: Sing, dance, act, paint, or drum it out …. a TAS Community Exchange

We would like to set up a series of opportunities for Thomas A Stewart students to help shape how the school will move forward after amalgamation this September with PCVS, an inner city school for the arts. These sessions will be facilitated by volunteer expressive art therapists in our community.

We would like to start this as a 5 session pilot project which will include one workshop every two weeks, offered during lunch. Each workshop will be set up to explore a different arts modality (eg. poetry, dance, music, visual art, physical theatre, etc.).

We would like to start with the Queer Positive Space Group (our GSA).
NOTE:This group is currently experiencing bullying (about 1/3 students) being shoved, yelled at and called names such as "fag". )

Update (June-20-13)

We created a large poster for the school to be displayed in the hall after having a workshop where we discussed our fears. On the poster was the phrase "I am afraid of" repeated over and over. Attached were some markers. Here are the results (anyone could respond to this).

I AM AFRAID OF.....being jobless, my potential, love, spiders, only ever being good enough for that, myself, the 1%, coming undone, relationships, being left behind, losing control, everything, my own beauty, already being here, being ugly, skeletons of the future, I am afraid of not giving people chances, street grates, the dark, of being afraid, of being alone, myself, guns, heights, falling, being pushed, speaking in public, not having enough time, my real feelings, afraid of you, cancer, being buried alive, clowns, sex offenders, breaking hearts, having my heart broken, poverty, drugs, being alone, being bullied and pushed around, being me, the future, a wasted life, vomit, AIDS, you , not being enough, life, this school.

Update (June-21-13)

Students were brought together from the entire school to dance with a local drumming group.