Project Profile

Project Title:
Lycee Louis Pasteur Eco Projects
School Name:
Lycee Louis Pasteur
School board / First Nations school jurisdiction:
Calgary Board of Education
Project Theme:
Grade Level:
Subject Areas:
Community Partners:
Alderman Brian Pincott, Ward 11 (ward in which Lycee Louis Pasteur is situated), The City of Calgary

Lycee Louis Pasteur Eco Projects

Two grade 11 students, Gwen Roebuck and Lauren Neves, who are leading the newly formed Eco-Committee at Lycee Louis Pasteur Calgary have heard about Imagine Action funding and are applying for funding to support various class and Eco-Committee projects at the Lycee Louis Pasteur.

Update (February-19-11)

Thanks to Imagine-Action, eco-projects at Lycee Louis Pasteur in Calgary, run between November and January under the auspices of the student Eco-Committee, include:
- Grade 7 vermicomposting
- Collection of yogurt containers for mailing to Terrracycling in Toronto.
- Assessment of garbage to see how much could be recycled
- Assessment of locations for central sorting stations on each floor in the school.

Next steps: in February, purchase of sets of bins for each classroom and staff room; set up of central sorting stations; acquisition of biodegradable garbage bags.

Update (May-25-11)

Lycee Louis Pasteur, Calgary, Alberta. May 30, 2011


90% Waste Reduction programme: involving every member of the school community

Thanks to Imagine-action, Lycee Louis Pasteur, in Calgary, has achieved its goal of setting a new standard among schools in Calgary as a model of comprehensive waste management. Through the leadership of the predominantly student lead Eco-Committee, each classroom and common area, indoor and outdoor, now has 7 containers, 6 of which collect recyclable waste (compost; fibre; bottles/juice boxes; small refundables like ziplocs and cookie wrappers; plastic/tin/aluminum; and reusable letter size paper) and are emptied by student teams into central sorting stations. Waste sent to landfill has been reduced by at least 90%. Disposal of plastic bags in public landfills has been completely eliminated and replaced by compostable bags. Thank you, Imagineaction, for the contribution towards sets of recycling containers and compostable bags.

The name of the school project is OURS. In French, OURS means 'bear' and evokes the environmentally endangered polar bear. In English, of course, OURS means 'belonging to us'. The acronym stands for Our United Recycling Society. Every member of the school community is involved in this project.

The 8 pictures in the rotation on this page are:

1. Central sorting station after, with credit to Imagine-action on banner (photo also includes OURS logo and grade 9 students, student eco-committee team captain, Seif Hassan, and OURS logo designer, Sonia Declair).

2. Set of 7 containers now in every room in the school

3. Newly instituted central sorting station, one of which is on each floor in the school.

4. Vermi-composting container

5. Central sorting station before the project

6. Eco-committee members crushing yogurt containers prior to mailing to

7. Pilot project comprehensive recycling programme in grade 7 room before project.

8. Previously used unsorted garbage can and plastic bag headed for landfill.