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Project Title:
Me to We
School Name:
Forestview Public School
School board / First Nations school jurisdiction:
District School Board of Niagara
Project Theme:
Grade Level:
Subject Areas:
Niagara Falls
Community Partners:
Free the Children has been our main contact to help us through our fund raising and awareness campaigns. Our coordinator is Ashley Collier. Her email address is [email protected]

We are also working with Project Share Niagara - No specific contact. We have raised over 500 pounds of food for our local food bank.

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Me to We

Our Me to We club is a group of students from grades 6-8 who are committed to raising awareness and funds to stop the greatest problems facing kids around the world today! These social activists have collected food for our local food bank at Halloween, raised pledges to stop child labour and child soldiers, had movie nights for victims in Haiti etc. We have raised almost $6000 for Free the Children and have changed the climate at our school. It is now cool to care at Forestview!

Update (May-02-11)

Our group members have been debating over what kind of reward they wish to receive. The members really wanted to go to Great Wolf Lodge or the Americana Water Park here in Niagara Falls. After research and pricing I had a plan to propose. However, due to the parent supervision and policies on swimming trips, we were unable to this kind of reward! We are currently throwing around the idea of going bowling. I have recommended getting Me to We t-shirts for all the member.
We will keep you updated on our decision!

Thanks again to imagineaction and all its supporters for making this celebration possible!

Update (September-19-11)

Our group decided to celebrate all our successes by going bowling and purchasing T-shirts from Me to We style (sister company to Free the Children). The shirts say WE are the MOB we are the MASS, WE are the Movement. We are wearing them to WE day on Sept.27th in Toronto. We were also contacted because Free the Children would like to use our Vow of Silence picture for WE day. We are so excited because we will be featured during WE day for all our hard work and thanks to Imagineaction, all the kids going will have great Me to WE t-shirts! The students are energized and excited for another year of social activism! Thank you so much, Imagineaction, for helping us celebrate our successes and get us ready for another great year!