Canadian Aboriginal Books for Schools: Selected and Evaluated by Teacher Librarians (2012-2013)

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  • English
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The Association of Book Publishers of BC (ABPBC)
School Community:
  • English
  • First Nations
  • Inuit
  • Metis
Human Rights Themes:
  • Conflict
  • Peaceful resolutions
  • Discrimination
  • Violence
  • Environment
  • Poverty
  • Safety and Security
  • Belonging and Identity
  • Freedom of Expression
  • Freedom of Association
  • Religion
  • Education
  • Equity
  • Indigenous and Local Knowledge
  • Race, Culture, or Ethnicity
  • Science, Literature, or Arts
Imagineaction Themes:
  • Connect
  • Engage
  • Thrive
  • Lead
  • Live
  • Care

Teacher Resources

A catalogue of book titles written or published by Aboriginal people or are about Aboriginal. The book titles have been selected from publisher submissions by teacher-librarians, have been chosen for their relevance to school curricula and are annotated by professional evaluators. The catalogue is organized by grade level: Elementary (K-7), Secondary (8-12) and Cross Grades for both levels. Format: PDF

UN Declarations and Examples

  • UN Conventions on the Rights of the Child
  • UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People

Subject Areas

Aboriginal Studies, English, Technological Education

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