Guidelines for Registering as a community partner on the Imagineaction Platform

  1. Community partners must have demonstrated knowledge related to at least one of the Imagineaction themes.
  2. Community partners can be representatives of organizations or be individuals with relevant experience and knowledge.
  3. Community partners must include references and/or sources to support their application (i.e. links, attachments, contacts where applicable).
  4. Community partners must be willing to respond to initial contacts made by teachers seeking support for community-based projects.
  5. Community partners must comply, as required, with school or school board/division policy including but not limited to privacy policy and requirements for criminal reference checks.
  6. Community partners should include the following information in their description, which will be the description viewed by teachers when selecting experts to work with:
    • Specific area(s) of expertise – i.e. resource delivery, workshops, project support, specialized programming, mentorship, etc.
    • Grade levels targeted – i.e. if you work with grades 4 through 8, please specify that.
    • Identifying all issues you offer expertise in, as reflected under the themes – i.e. recycling, composting, poverty, transportation, citizenship, etc.
    • If your expertise is offered in both official languages, please specify that in your description and fill out a separate online application form in the alternate language. No translations will be offered by the Canadian Teachers’ Federation.
    • You may wish to include any other additional information in support of what you’re offering the teacher – i.e. any associated costs, links to free resources, web sites, etc.
  7. Community partners must ensure the full confidentiality of the teacher contact information and not use this information for any other purposes beyond an Imagineaction partnership.
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