Get your students involved in this year’s Media Literacy Week which starts October 31!


Teachers, apply today for Imagineaction funding to involve your students in Media Literacy Week 2016!

This year’s theme “Makers and Creators” will celebrate the ways we can help young people become more creative, innovative and entrepreneurial by embracing media production, remixing, maker and do-it-yourself culture and coding. The week will highlight the wide variety of media products young people can create – blogs, videos, music, websites, apps, video games, etc. – using easily accessible digital tools.

Your project proposal must be tied to any one of the following Imagineaction themes:

CONNECT (relationship) – ENGAGE [active & participatory citizenship] – THRIVE (health and wellness) – LEAD (leadership) – LIVE (environmental sustainability) – CARE (poverty).

Media Literacy Week is an annual event, co-hosted by MediaSmarts and the Canadian Teachers’ Federation, which highlights the importance of teaching children and teens digital and media literacy skills.

Media Literacy Week News Release

Media Literacy Week Website

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