CTF President's Forum

Join us at the 2014 CTF President’s Forum to discuss Equity and Social Justice at the Heart of Public Education, taking place in Winnipeg July 7th and 8th. Attend presentations from a variety of informed guest speakers including federal and provincial/territorial ministries, social justice organizations and school board members who have specializations in issues of poverty, gender equality, mental health, LBGTT equality, language rights, human trafficking of youth and more.

Help CTF shape its goals in relation to equality in public education by participating in lively discussions on these topics, and network with leaders who are experts in their respective human-rights related fields.

Keynote Speakers Include:

  • Dr. Rob Santos: Associate Secretary to the Government of Manitoba’s Healthy Child Committee of Cabinet and Executive Director of Science and Policy at the Healthy Child Manitoba Office
  • Michael Pietrus: Director of Opening Minds, the largest systemic effort to reduce the stigma of mental illness in Canadian history
  • Dr. Michael Cooke: Coordinator for Keep The Promise (KTP), a national campaign to renew commitment to ending child poverty.
  • Dr. Darren Lund: Professor with the Werklund School of Education at the University of Calgary, social justice researcher, author and award winning lecturer
  • …And many more!

Build your knowledge; build your network; build your influence

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