Digital Citizenship & Social Action


$500 or $750 subsidies available for school community social action projects!

The Canadian Teachers’ Federation in partnership with the Media Awareness Network is pleased to announce funding for projects to support a special initiative focusing on Digital Citizenship and Social Action.
Technology and social media:

  • How to use it to engage youth
  • How to use it to mobilize for a cause
  • Put your research into action at the community level

Applications for subsidies of $500 or $750 per project must be received by Sunday, December 11, 2011. Projects must be completed by the end of the 2012 school year. Application is through Once teachers have created a profile, they will be able to apply for funding. All projects registered with Imagineaction will receive recognition and access to material, human and cash resources.

Thousands of students and their teachers are already making a difference through Imagineaction-supported projects that provide curriculum-based, student-centered, authentic learning in real life situations.

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Need some inspiration? Check out these ideas:

How to make new immigrant and refugee students feel welcome at school:

  • Looking at the issue of multiculturalism and citizenship, teachers could invite a community organization to present a citizenship issue – e.g. a neighbouring organization that works with new immigrants and refugees to sensitize the students and school to the cultural shock experienced by new students upon joining a Canadian school.
  • A project of this nature would address issues of understanding, fitting in, cultural values, etc. in addition to ongoing school issues such as competition, bullying, etc.
  • The digital citizenship piece could blend in a review of the issue in various media, followed by discussions and brainstorming on how best to send a message from the students to the community – using a medium to increase awareness and illicit support from the public at large.

Looking at what citizenship looked like then and what it looks like now:

  • Looking at the issue of citizenship today through the lens of a historical perspective – e.g. interviewing elders on how they perceived citizenship during their youth; memories; activism; school; church; etc.
  • A project of this nature could entail an analysis of how citizenship issues today are addressed using diverse digital media.
  • The digital citizenship piece could be the development of a message through the use of a medium on if and to what extent citizenship perception and activities have changed over generations.

Choosing a local cause and working with a community organization to help get their message out:

  • Choosing a cause that falls under one of the six Imagineaction themes and scoping out your neighbourhood to find out which community organizations are working in the area you selected. (Homeless Mission; Food Cupboard; Animal Shelter; Nursing Home; Boys and Girls Club; Group home, etc.)
  • Approach an organization and find out more about their work and how you can help with awareness building using social media and other mediums to support their cause.
  • Set up a plan of action and develop tools that can be used by the organization (e.g. drawings, posters, web site, blog site, video, etc.).